General Mills - Belvidere Plant

Product Donation - Guidelines

It is the General Mills - Belvidere mission to support innovative organizations and programs that improve our communities by focusing on:

  • Hunger & Nutrition Wellness supporting organizations and programs that:
    • Provide food to those in need
    • Promote healthy children & families by providing nutrition education and physical fitness activities that instill healthy habits for a fit and balanced lifestyle
  • Family Services supporting programs that provide supportive services for low-income/at-risk individuals and families to help them on the road to self-sufficiency
  • Education schools will be considered as a whole, but individual school clubs and sports are out of scope

Employees and members of the community may request product for organizations for certain fundraisers/events with the following criteria:

  • Organization/charity's mission statement or event for which the donation is being requested must fall within one of the focus areas listed above (supporting Hunger & Nutrition Wellness, Family Services, or Education/Schools)
  • Must have not-for-profit status (501(c)3) and be able to provide written verification if requested
  • Within 50 mile radius of the General Mills Belvidere Plant

Upcoming Product Pick-up Dates: August 2nd, October 4th, December 6th.

  • Product requests will be honored based on product availability
  • Will only fulfill product donation requests during product pick-up day
  • Donation request must be received at least 2 weeks before next product pick-up day
  • When picking up the donation request, a Property Removal form and photo-id will be required

*Typically the first Wednesday of every other month, subject to change per business needs.

Please note that donation requests can take up to 8 weeks to process. Please keep this timing in mind when submitting a request.

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